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My name is Cherry. I am a filthy dirty truck sex escort. If you fancy having sex in your truck with a beautiful sexy English escort next time you're on the Amesbury A303 area drop me a line. I love to be fingered, licked and f*cked by truck drivers, lorry drivers, car drivers and van drivers. I also like mutual masturbation, giving blow jobs, Kit Kat (fingers in wet pussy), spanking, big toys, hitch hiker role play, sexual intercourse in different positions and spit roast. You can let me do all the work, or you can f*ck and lick the living day lights out of my pussy. You can f*ck me nice and slow or you can f*ck me deep and hard. I don't mind!

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Truck sex escort, ready and waiting to be sucked, fingered, licked and f*cked by filthy minded truck drivers, car drivers, lorry drivers and van drivers.

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Special discount for regular long distance lorry drivers.
I do NOT charge for trucker sex. I only charge for my time and my company. I am clean, discrete and disease free and expect to receive the same in return.

If you would like to contact me in view of having truck sex in your truck, car, van or lorry, please let me know:
when you would like to see me (time and date).
A little bit about yourself (name, age etc).
Your vehicle details (make, model and registration number)
What tickles your fancy.
The above details are required for checking and security purposes only. If you can't/don't give me the required information you will not receive a reply.
Please don't use a false name or a dodgy Email address like phone mail, hotmail or similar when you contact me for truck sex.

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